Mamaroneck Library Fine Schedule

Type of items Fine per day Maximum fine
All Adult & YA items not listed below 10¢/day $5
All Juvenile items not listed below * *
All DVDs and Playaways 50¢/day $5
Express books and “Kill-A-Watt” kits 25¢/day $5
Museum Passes $5.00/day
All ILL items brought in from outside WLS $2/day $25
Nook or Kindle or iPad $5.00/day Cost of the e-reader / tablet

Fines are determined by the library from which items are checked out, no matter which library owns the items, or where they are returned.

The Mamaroneck Library outside book return is open 24 hours. Items for which the case has already been returned (such as individual CDs or DVDs), Museum passes, Nooks, Kindles and “Kill-A-Watt” kits may not be returned in the book drop. Any other item which fits through the slot without jamming it may be returned in this fashion. Please do not put any donations into the book return.

A fine of $30.00 will be imposed if a Nook or Kindle e-reader is returned either to another library or in the book drop. In the event that the device or its pieces are lost, or damaged due to negligence, patron will be billed to replace it. Replacement cost for Nook -or- Kindle devices is $200.00 each; replacement cost for iPad is $450.00. Replacement fees nylon bags and power cords and connector wires are each $20.00. Please do not spill liquid on the reader, leave it unattended in a car or exposed to extremes of heat and cold.

Mamaroneck Public Library requests that patrons do not change settings on devices other than volume or text size. Because e-readers and tablets are used by multiple users, patrons are warned to not add any personal information including passwords and credit card information. Mamaroneck Public Library is not responsible for misuse of personal information on devices once they are returned to the library.

Patrons may not download any software or e-books to the readers or tablets.

Items placed into the book return by 9:00am Monday-Saturday, or by 12:30pm on Sunday will be considered returned the previous day, or the last day that the library was open prior to the return.

Mamaroneck Library does not charge fines on items checked out of this library for days on which the library is closed or on which the library closes at 1pm.

As a courtesy the library system will try to contact patrons if an item is two weeks overdue. If an item is 60 days overdue, a lost charge will appear on the patron’s account.

The computers total up existing fines from overdue items which have been returned or renewed late, plus estimated fines on items currently overdue. It will estimate how much in fines would be owed if the overdue items were to be returned that day, and add that amount to any fines already accrued. If the total of existing and estimated fines is $25.00 or more, the account will be blocked system-wide from further checkouts or renewals until the fine total has been reduced below that threshold.

Online Bill Payment
We are happy to introduce online bill pay for your convenience!   Our Library patrons can pay all or individual bills.   A $2.50 convenience fee is added to the transaction so that libraries receive the full amount of bills owed.

For detailed terms and conditions click here.


See how it works on

  • To log into your account click here.  You will need your library card number and pin.
  • Go to the Fines tab. It displays all bills and the total to be paid.
  • Select which bill(s) to pay.
  • Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click the Pay button. Payment information, including the convenience fee, displays.
  • Choose a payment type, fill in credit card information, an email address to receive a receipt, and click the Submit button.
  • The Transaction Complete screen will load when your payment is accepted.

Questions? Please call the Reference Desk of the Mamaroneck Library @ (914) 630-5888 with any questions on this service.

* Since June 2018, we have stopped charging fines for juvenile materials borrowed; any fines accrued prior to then will have to be paid.