Adult Summer Reading Fun: Adult 2020 ‘Imagine Your Story’


Many of our Children and Young Adults will enter our Mamaroneck Library’s Summer Reading Readsquared “Imagine Your Story” Program.  We all know that summer reading is not just for kids, so we are offering our Adults a chance to have fun too!

The Adult game is called Adult 2020 “Imagine Your Story”. It is designed for adults age 18 & up. Throughout the game, you will be able to easily track the titles you read and to earn points for reading them. We have set a goal of 1000 points for you, but there really is no limit. We encourage you to exceed that!

To play, you can read in any format you would like (hardcover book, e-book, or Audiobook.)  We invite everyone to write short reviews of what they read.  You can also take part in one of the game’s many “missions” which will encourage you to do something you have never done, see or participate in something you have never seen, or read something new. You can also play our Adult Bingo Game and you can participate in fun literary and intelligence games that are part of the program.  As the summer continues, we will also have special Adult “Grab and Go” Projects for you to take home to craft with! We will make a special announcement when they are ready.

Readsquared can be played online, or you can pick up an Adult reading log in the Library.  To create an account click here.

Do you prefer a paper Summer Reading Log? For a printable copy, click here.