Adult Volunteer Form

Date: ______________



Thank you for your interest in serving your community by wishing to volunteer in the Mamaroneck Public Library. All volunteers are encouraged to have a valid library card. Volunteers are a very important part of our workforce and subject to the same regulations as paid staff. So that we may place you in a position suited to your interests and abilities, please complete this application.

Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: __________________________    Cell: ______________________ Email:   ____________________________

List past volunteer or work experience: ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Any special skills, knowledge or extracurricular activities that you think may be helpful? ________________________________________________________________________
Days & Times you are available: M __________ T __________ W __________ TH__________ F __________ S __________ Sunday __________(during school year)

Remember: If you are selected as a volunteer, you need to call the library and let us know if you are unable to come during scheduled time.

Reminder: This is a Community Service / Volunteer position, not a paid position. Individuals who would like to work with children and teens may be subject to a background check. We thank you for your interest in volunteering and helping the Mamaroneck Public Library to be the best Library in Westchester!