Donate to the Mamaroneck Public Library

There are several ways you can donate to the library – through tributes that honor or remember someone, with a monetary donation or by donating your gently used books.

Tributes: Honor, remember or celebrate a special person or occasion by a “tribute”. Tributes of $25 or more and directed to book purchases, can be recognized by a book plate showing the individual’s name or occasion commemorated and the donor’s name. For more information, contact Mary Soto at

Gifts: Perhaps you are one of the many library visitors who have considered donating in support of the library. The library budget covers the cost of purchasing books, movies and other library materials. But special programs, speakers and other events, are outside of our budget. You can make a difference with your donation. Click here to print a form for donation. There are 4 ways to send in your donation:

  1. By email, to Mary Soto
  2. By mail to: Mary Soto, Mamaroneck Library, 136 Prospect Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
  3. By phone: Mary Soto, (914) 630-5889
  4. By secure fax: (914) 698-5487