Meet Luis Quiros, the author of Justice Unplugged via Zoom

June 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Justice Unplugged is written impatiently from the margins, unearthing our endless narratives – pulling the plug on justice as it has come to be defined – and reclaiming its meaning.  Embedded into every fabric of society, taking some of our own to fight against us, the Non-Others use our language, knowledge, safety and even mother nature against our survival. For these reasons, I could never be a bystander-Others had to know history of resistance and thriving spirit, and come together amid the chaos. Justice Unplugged incites action through its interdisciplinary analysis and its application of bridging street smarts to scholarship.” – Luis Quiros
Luis Quiros, is also a community organizer, activist, and educator. Quiros pursues justice aimed at dismantling that which promotes solutions that inflict pain and trauma on Others – against models that departmentalized justice when it requires hybridity and holistic frameworks. Discourse on these topics is also captured on talk radio podcasts indexed on justice unplugged.
Mr. Quiros is also the author of An Other’s Mind (2011).
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