Nature Mandela Virtual Workshop – via ZOOM

July 16, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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Creating a mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is thought to be a calming and centering experience–something we can all use during this pandemic.  The nature mandala class has the added benefit of spending time in nature, touching, smelling and collecting found natural objects, and then creating an artwork in a virtual, supportive community.

Instructions:  The mandalas will be created from materials found in nature.  Please collect these items responsibly and do not collect anything in nature preserves.  You may collect from your own garden and from other areas.  If you collect leaves from living plants, be careful to take only 1 leaf from each twig or branch.  Please be careful not to pick any poison ivy leaves.  (If you’re not sure what poison ivy looks like, check out various images on Google Image.)

Here are some suggestions for items to collect:  3 fresh flowers, 10 wilted flowers, 15 flower petals, 20 green leaves, 15 leaf buds, 20 pebbles, 10 sticks, 20 evergreen leaves or pine needles, etc.  On Monday, also have on hand a large, solid colored surface upon which to create your mandala, and a camera to photograph your mandala.  This will be a 45-minute workshop.

Gail Koller, ATR, CTRS is a registered art therapist and a certified nature educator.  She has been giving free nature mandala workshops as a way of giving back to the community.