Internet Access

The Mamaroneck Public Library provides free access to the Internet in accordance with its mission to provide information of all types in a wide range of formats. This Computer/Internet Policy affirms the principles of intellectual freedom, equity of access, and confidentiality of information about users and their use of library resources.
The Internet is a vast and unregulated information network. The Library does not monitor and has no control over information on the Internet. Not all the information is accurate, current or complete. Users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating information that is accessed through the Internet. The Library cannot protect users from information and images that they may find offensive or disturbing. The Library assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its home page.
Since the Library computer terminals are located in public areas that are shared by persons of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities, computer users are asked to consider this when viewing potentially offensive images. The Library reserves the right to require individuals to discontinue the display of images that cause a disruption.
Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding which Library resources are appropriate for their children. Use of computers in the Children’s Room is limited to children and their accompanying parents or caregivers. Children who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate and disturbing information and images. We encourage parents to learn about the Internet so that they can teach their children how to use technology properly and to make wise choices.
Library users are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure medium and all transactions, files and communications are vulnerable to unauthorized access and, therefore, should be considered public. The Library will not release information on the use of electronic resources by members of the public except as required by law.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

All individuals are expected to use the Library’s computer terminals in a responsible and courteous way, consistent with the educational, informational and recreational purposes for which all Library resources are provided. Use of computers or the Internet for activities that violate local, state or federal laws is prohibited. This includes activities such as viewing child pornography, committing fraud, hacking, libeling or threatening.

The following rules, regulations and procedures have been established for acceptable use standards:

  • The number of computer terminals is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis whether in person or by telephone reservation.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time an individual may use library equipment.
  • Individuals may not alter or damage hardware, software or data or in any way interfere with, disrupt or degrade the network.
  • Library terminals may not be used to transmit threatening, harassing or abusive language and images.
  • Individuals may not invade the privacy of others by ‘hovering’ over them while they use the terminals. No more than two people may use a terminal at the same time.
  • Individuals may not misrepresent themselves as another user or attempt to modify, gain access or reveal passwords or personally identifiable information pertaining to others.
  • U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of fair use. The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from copyright infringement or any violation of local, state or federal laws in the use of terminals.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in the suspension or loss of computer and other Library privileges.

Adopted November 4, 2004
Amended July 28, 2010