Meeting Room Policy

Mamaroneck Public Library District
Meeting Room Policy and Procedures


The Library has four meeting rooms that can be rented for events or meetings. Audio visual equipment is available. Arrangements to use the room can be made with the Program Coordinator at (914) 630-5890 or

Statement of Policy

The Mamaroneck Public Library regards the availability and use of its Meeting Rooms as an integral part of its service to the community. Priority for use is given in the following order, with Mamaroneck residents taking precedence:

  • Library activities.
  • Activities jointly sponsored by the Library with other organizations.
  • The Friends of the Mamaroneck Public Library.
  • Mamaroneck non-profit organizations engaged in activities consistent with the Library’s mission to help community residents meet their educational, personal, recreational and professional needs.
  • Village of Mamaroneck boards and commissions.
  • Non-profit organizations outside of Mamaroneck engaged in activities consistent with the Library’s mission.
  • Private social events. Rental is limited to Village of Mamaroneck residents only.
What’s Available

The following Meeting Rooms are available for use on approval of written application:

  • Community Room – with attached kitchen (80 people seated; maximum 149)
  • Multipurpose/Program Room (24 seated; maximum 47)
  • Local History Room – (seats 8)
  • Adult Reading Room Study Room (seats 4)

All Meeting Rooms are available for use when the Library is open. Library hours are as follows:

Monday and Wednesday              10am to 8pm
Tuesday and Thursday                    10am to 6pm
Friday and Saturday                         10am to 5pm
Sunday                                                      1pm to 4.30pm*

* (except Father’s Day through Labor Day when the Library  is closed)

Activities must conclude 15 minutes before the Library’s scheduled closing, unless prior written approval has been granted. Requests for use of the Meeting Rooms outside regular hours will be reviewed on an individual basis. A staff member or other designated Library representative must be on the premises during any meeting when the Library is normally closed.

The Local History Room and the Study Room may be used for personal study at no charge by individuals holding a Mamaroneck Public Library card. The rooms may be booked for a one-hour period, with an additional hour permitted if no one else has reserved the space; maximum of two hours per day. For use of the Local History Room, please register at the Check-out Desk. For use of the Study Room, please register at the Reference Desk.

Scheduling a Session and Checking Out a Study Room Key
  • Scheduling and Key Checkout for use of the Adult Reading Area Study Room will be done at the Adult Reference Desk.
  • Scheduling and Key Checkout for use of the Historical Society Study Room will be done at the Adult Check-out Desk.
  • Patrons must sign up in person and have their own Library card with them to use Study Rooms.
  • Library Staff will schedule patrons in first-come; first-served order.
  • Each session is one hour long, and patrons may ask to extend their session for an additional hour if there are no other patrons waiting or scheduled to use the Study Room in the next hour.
  • Patrons are not permitted to schedule two hours in each location.
  • Patrons are permitted to use a different location if the study room they are using is not available for a second hour and there is space in another location.
  • All sessions will start and end precisely on the hour referenced on the Library clocks in the Circulation and Reference areas.
Scheduling Restrictions
  • The Library reserves the right to impose limitations on the frequency of use of the Meeting Rooms by an organization. In general, rooms may not be reserved for regular meetings (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.). We reserve the right to limit repeat programming to twice a year. Library programs and school programs are exceptions to this rule.
  • Religious organizations are eligible to schedule meetings, but they may not hold worship or instructional services at the Library.
  • Admission fees may not be charged by any group using the Meeting Rooms; however, not-for-profit organizations may solicit voluntary donations to defray program expenses.
  • Meeting Rooms may not be used for fund-raising activities, except those sponsored by the Library or Friends of the Library or other not-for-profit organizations which result in a direct benefit to the Library. Otherwise, Meeting Rooms are not available for commercial purposes, i.e. no items may be sold.
Application Procedure


Application forms are available here or may be obtained from the Program Coordinator. Applications will be processed in order of their receipt. Every applicant will designate the individual responsible for supervision of the use of the Meeting Room. The applicant and its designee will be responsible for any damage done to the premises, its furnishings or equipment, and for any additional cleaning required afterwards.

What It Costs
Non-Profit Organizations

Community Room                                          $25.00/hr (2 hour minimum)
Multipurpose/Program Room                $25.00/hr (2 hour minimum)
Local History Room                                      $15.00/hr


For-Profit Organizations or Private Social Events 

Community Room                                          $100.00/hr (2 hour minimum)
Multipurpose /Program Room               $75.00/hr (2 hour minimum)
Local History Room                                      $50.00/hr

As a courtesy, we will waive the room charge for a first time booking. This does not apply to private social events.

  • All Meeting Rooms are available at no charge to the Friends of the Library, Village of Mamaroneck boards and commissions, and for open public hearings sponsored by elected officials.
  • If food is being served, a $100 deposit is required. It will be refunded after the event if there has been no damage to the premises.
  • Use of any Meeting Room by any organization outside regular Library hours will require a payment of $50.00 per hour (or part thereof) to reimburse the Library for staff time, in addition to any other applicable fees.
  • All fees are to be paid by check to the “Mamaroneck Public Library” by the date of the rental event.
Room rental cancellation policy

If we are forced to cancel a room rental for any reason (inclement weather, power failure, etc.), you have the right to reschedule or request a refund of any fees previously paid to the Library.

If you need to cancel a rental, we will refund your payment IF we have not yet advertised your program OR we are able to re-rent the room for the same period you had originally reserved.

Refunds will be processed within 10 working days.

Financial Responsibility, Waiver of Negligence and Indemnifications

Any person, group or organization sponsoring use of a Meeting Room must assume financial liability for any damage incurred during its use.

The Mamaroneck Public Library District, its employees and Trustees, assume no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury or damage or personal property in connection with a program; and the organization agrees that the Library District is expressly released and discharged from any and all liability for negligence or tort causing any loss, injury or damage to persons or property which may be sustained during or by reason of a program held on the Library’s premises; and the person, group or organization agrees to indemnify the Library District and hold it harmless against all loss, including attorney’s fees.


Responsibility of Patrons Using Library Study Rooms
  • The Library patron who schedules the use of a Library Study Room is responsible for returning the Study Room Key to the Library desk from where it was checked out upon its due time.
  • Patrons who lose keys will be fined $50.00 for the cost of its replacement.
  • The Library patron who schedules the use of a Library Study Room must assume financial liability for any damage incurred during its use. Patrons using Library Study Rooms will be responsible for any damage done to the Library premises, its furnishings or equipment, and for any cleaning required.
Other Terms
  • Authors and performers who are invited or permitted to appear at the Library and wish to sell books, tapes, compact discs or other materials may do so, subject to prior permission of the Library Director.
  • Use of the Library’s audio-visual equipment by outside groups is permitted with advance approval.
  • Refreshments are allowed for scheduled events in the Community Room and Multipurpose Room with advance approval. Alcoholic beverages –limited to beer and white wine– may be served at the discretion of the Library Directory.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library or on Library grounds.
  • The fact that a group is permitted to use a Meeting Room does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Library.
  • Program publicity is the applicant’s responsibility. Non-Library groups and individuals may not use the Library’s address and phone number as their own. Advance approval by the Program Coordinator or Library Director is required for any publicity or any items that will be distributed at a public meeting.
  • For meetings of minors, applicant must agree to have an authorized adult representative in attendance who shall supervise all persons upon the premises to ensure that the event is conducted in a safe and orderly manner and that no one engages in unlawful or improper conduct. Library Director reserves the right to waive this requirement.
  • Rooms must be left neat and in good order, with all trash bagged or removal. The applicant is liable for any damage done to the premises, its furnishings or equipment.
  • In case of emergency building closure, the program will be cancelled and the applicant will be offered the opportunity to reschedule or to have room fees refunded.
  • The Library Director is authorized to determine the appropriate use of the Meeting Rooms. In case of denial of use, appeal my be made in writing to the Library Board of Trustees. The decision of the Board of Trustees will be final.
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to cancel or suspend any meeting held by a group or organization that violates the rules and regulations, or for any other reason.
Use of the Library by Tutors

Mamaroneck Public Library recognizes the benefit to the students and parents of the community for tutoring to be allowed within the Library. The following procedures are intended to provide a balance between the use of the Library by tutors and their clients, and the use of the Library by other members of the community. In order for the Library to assure that tutoring within the Library is in line with the Library’s service to the community, either the tutor, or the client, or both, must be a resident of Mamaroneck.


Paid tutors must be registered Mamaroneck Public Library card holders. To use a Study Room for tutoring, they must pay a $100 fee, in advance, each calendar quarter of the year (or portion thereof) during which they will be tutoring within the Library.

Volunteer tutors who are providing an unpaid service need not pay any fee. Either the tutor or the client must be a registered Mamaroneck Public Library card holder.


Tutors are expected to restrict their use of space to an acceptable minimum and to observe all Library regulations. Library staff will enforce these procedures as necessary and may implement additional steps to assure that tutoring does not interfere with the use of the Library by others.

Adopted by the Mamaroneck Public Library District Board of Trustees on July 27, 2011

Amended May 26, 2016