Study Room Policy

Any Library patron may walk in and request one of the two study rooms for same day use.    Sign-up will require full name, library card number (from any Westchester Library), and time requested.  In case of two people wanting the same time slots, the Mamaroneck Library cardholder has priority.  Patrons may not telephone to request free use of the study rooms.  If a patron would like to reserve use for a future date, they must RENT the study room(s).

If a patron does not have a valid WLS library card, we may accept a photo ID instead of library card as a one-time courtesy.  However, the patron should be informed that s/he must have a valid library card for future use.

Patrons may sign-up for a two hour time slot and may remain in the room following their reserved time if no one else has requested it.  However, if someone else requests use of the room after the two hour time period, the first person MUST vacate the room immediately.

No food may be consumed in any study room.  Drinks must be covered.

A child under the age of 16 may not use the study room UNLESS there is an adult present.  Either the child or the adult MUST have a valid library card.

If the room is used by an adult tutoring a child, a strict one-hour time limit is required.  The same tutor may not use the room more than once a day, for a one-hour period.  Either the tutor or the child MUST have a valid Mamaroneck library card.

Sign-up for the use of study rooms is on a rolling basis and can be started at any time while the Library is open.

Nothing may be stored in the study rooms.  The Library is not liable for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

Patrons must keep voices to a low level to avoid disturbing other patrons or staff.

Study rooms MUST be completely vacated at least 15 minutes before closure of the Library.

Approved by the Mamaroneck Library Board of Trustees on February 22, 2017.