Teen Volunteer Application Form

Date: __________

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Mamaroneck Public Library. Volunteers are an important
part of our workforce, so that we may place you in a position suited to your interests and abilities, please
complete the following application and return to the Mamaroneck Library’s Teen Room to schedule an
interview with our Teen Volunteer Coordinator.

Please Print:

Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________
School _________________________________ Grade ________________________

Do you need school or community service credit? Yes___________ No ___________
If Yes, How many Hours are required of you? _____________
Do they need to be completed by a Certain Date / Time Frame? ___________________
What is the name of the organization that is requiring you to volunteer?

Contact person’s name / someone you need to report to? _________________________

Do you have any previous work or volunteer experience? Please list where & when:

Do you have any special skills or knowledge or other interests that would be helpful in the Library?
(Examples: Hobbies, Artistic, Chess, Other Languages etc.)

Please Share: _____________________________________________


When are you available? ___________________________________________________

Please Remember: If you are selected as a volunteer, you need to call the library and let
us know if you are unable to make your scheduled shift. If you are absent 2X without
notifying us, we will have to give your volunteer time slot to someone else.