Village of Mamaroneck Streets


Zip Code: 10543

Street numbers in italics are in Mamaroneck Village.
If no numbers are given, the entire street is in the village.
If in doubt, call the Mamaroneck Village Tax Assessor’s Office at 914-777-7720
or call the Town of Mamaroneck Tax Assessor’s Office at 914-381-7820

Alda Rd
Alling St
Andrew St
Anita Lane
Arlington St
Arthur St

Barbara Lane
Barry Ave Ext
Barrymore Lane
Beach Ave
Beechwood Drive
Birch Hill Lane
Bishop Ave
Bleeker Ave
Bradford Ave
Brevoort Lane (1, 2, 10)
Brook St
Bryant Circle


Carroll Ave
Cedar St
Center Ave
Chestnut Ave
Claflin Ave
Club Way
Colonial Ct
Concord Ave
Constable Dr North
Constable Dr South
Cooper Ave
Cortlandt Ave
Cove Island
Cove Rd
Creek Rd
The Crescent
Crown Ct

Delancey Ave
Derman Ave
Drury Dr
Dubois Ave

E Boston Post Rd (up to 1521)
East Plaza
East Prospect
Eagle Knolls Rd
Edward Pl
Elliot Ave
Ellis Pl
English Pl

Fairway Green
Fairway Lane (911-940)
Fairway Pl
Fayette Ave
Fenimore Rd (to 810)
Fifth St
First St
Flagler Dr
Florence St
Forest Ave
Fourth St
Frank Ave
Franklin Ave
Fulton Rd
Girard St
Grade St
Grand St
Grant Terrace
Greacen Lane
Greacen Pt Rd
Green Meadow La
Greenhaven Rd (15, 18, 515, 520, 525, 530, 535, 545)
Greens Way
Grove St
Guion Dr

Halstead Ave (19-515)
Hampshire Rd
Harbor Hill
Harmon Dr (811, 823, 826, 832, 835, 836, 839, 913, 914, 918, 919, 922, 923, 924, 926, 928)
Harold St
Harrison Ave (1185-1681)
Heathcote Ave
Henry Ave
Hickory Grove (195-204 & 800-820)
Highland Dr
Highview St
Hill St
Hillside Ave
Hinman Pl
Hommocks Rd (49-820)
Hornidge Rd
Howard Ave
Hoyt Ave
Hunter St

Indian Cove Rd

Jason Lane
Jefferson Ave
Jensen Ave

Knickerbocker Ave
Knollwood Ave

Langdon Lane
Larchmont Acres Apts. (811A & B to 816A & B and 821-829A, B, C, D)
Laura Joy Circle
Lawn Terrace
Lawrence Ave
Lest Ave
Library Lane
Linden St
Livingston Ave
Lorena St
Lorraine St
Louis St
Louise Ave
Mamaroneck Ave
Maple Ave
Meadow St
Melbourne Ave
Monsig. Goodwine Ave
Mt Pleasant Ave
Munro Ave

Nelson St
New St
Nine Acres Lane
North Barry Ave
North James
N Agner Ave
Northrop Ave
Nostrand Ave

Oakhurst Rd
Oakwood Rd
Ogden Ave
Old Boston Post Rd
Old Post Rd
Old White Plains Rd (646-910)
Orchard St
Orienta Ave
Osborne Ave

Palmer Ave (124-907)
Park Ave
Parkway, The
Pelham St
Philips Park Rd
Pine Knoll La
Pine St
Pirates Cove
Plaza Ave
Port Dr
Prospect Ave
Protano La

Ralph Ave
Revere Rd (36-50, 507-519)
Richbell Rd (120, 122, 204, 206-348)
River St
Rockland Ave (100-807)
Rockridge Rd
Rose Ave
Rose Lane
Royal Pl
Rushmore Ave
Ryewood Farms
Saxon Dr
Seahaven Dr
Second St
Seney Ave
Seven Oaks La
Shadow La
Shelbourne Ave
Sheldrake Pl
Sherman Ave
Shore Acres Dr
Shore Rd (not #6)
Short St
Skibo La
Sophia St
Soundview Ave
Soundview Dr
South Barry Ave
Spencer Pl
Spruce St
Standish Pl
Stanley Ave
Staub Court
Sterling Ave
Stiles Ave
Stonybrook Ave
Stuart Ave
Sunny Hill Dr
Sunnyside Ave
Sunset Rd
Sylvan La

Teresa La
Third St
Tompkins Ave
Toni La
Top of the Ridge
Travers Ave
Tulip Tree La

Union Ave
Urban Ave
Urban St

Valley Pl
Van Raanst Pl
Villa Ave

Walnut St
Walton Ave
Ward Ave
Warren Ave
Washington St
Waverly Ave
W Boston Post Rd (to 1240)
West End Pl
West St (103-332)
Willow St
Winfield Ave
Wood St