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Mamaroneck Library Board Appoints New Director

Update: We have temporarily cancelled most library programming through September. We will keep you updated going forward on when we can resume our normal programming schedule.


Beginning Monday, September 28, we will accept donations on a limited basis; please read the guidelines carefully:

Mamaroneck Library Book Donations Guidelines

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The Mamaroneck Public Library encourages all our library patrons, friends and neighbors to fill out the 2020 Census! For more information: www.my2020census.gov 

Health Care Navigator

The Navigator Program with Westchester County Department of Health is still up and running.  The Navigators are working with clients via telephone (they are not seeing participants on site).
If you need health insurance you can get personal assistance from one of the Westchester County Department of Health Navigators. You can apply whether you’ve lost a job that provided insurance or weren’t previously insured. Call 914-995-6350 or email hnav@westchestergov.com. To learn more visit: westchestergov.com
Senior Benefits Information Center
While SBIC sites are closed you can still receive unbiased Medicare counseling by calling our helpline at 914-231-3260 or by emailing
SBICS@wlsmail.org with your name, question, and preferred method of contact. Volunteer counselors will get back to you within two days, weekends included.

From The Village Planning Department: Hampshire Recreation, LLC, is asking for approval of a Planned Residential Development, pursuant to Village Code § 342-52, a wetlands permit, pursuant to Village Code § 192-7, and a subdivision, pursuant to Village Code § A348-6, for the proposed Hampshire Country Club Planned Residential Development of a 94.5 acre portion of the Project Site within the Village’s R-20 Zoning District. The location and scope of the proposed wetland activity is the installation of a 20-foot vegetative buffer consisting of native plantings along the edges of wetland areas on the site, and an increased water budget into pond 10.  The entire Project Site comprises 106.2 acres and is identified as tax parcel 9-42-568 on the Village of Mamaroneck Tax Map and 4-14-20 on the Town of Mamaroneck Tax Map.

The following link is for the Hampshire Club Redevelopment project: https://www.village.mamaroneck.ny.us/planning-department/pages/seqra-documents

Zoom Meeting: Astronomy on the Ceiling: The Constellations of Grand Central Terminal
Jun 8 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dr. Lawrence Faltz, former president of the Westchester Amateur Astronomers, will share the myths, legends, history and wonder of the night sky. Come and learn the fabulous tales about the constellations in our night sky. How did those creatures get up there, and how did some of them end up on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal? This “One Book One Community” program is co-sponsored by the Mamaroneck Historical Society and Larchmont Library.
To register, click here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Meet Karen Dukess, author of The Last Book Party, online on Zoom
Jun 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join a native Larchmont resident and Mamaroneck High School graduate, Karen Dukess, as she discusses her debut novel The Last Book Party. Karen can sometimes be seen writing at both the Mamaroneck Public Library and the Larchmont Public Library! The Last Book Party is a propulsive tale of ambition and romance, set in the publishing world of 1980’s New York and the timeless beaches of Cape Cod.
Karen Dukess has a work history as eclectic as her taste in books. She has been a tour guide in the former Soviet Union, a newspaper reporter in Florida, a magazine, puhere:blisher, in Russia and, for nearly a decade, a speechwriter on gender equality for the United Nations Development Programme. She has blogged on raising boys for The Huffington Post and written book reviews for USA Today. She has a degree in Russian Studies from Brown University and a Master’s in Journalism from Columbia University. She lives with her family near New York City and spends as much time as possible in Truro on Cape Cod. The Last Book Party, which the New York Times called “a spare, bittersweet page-turner,” is her debut novel.
This event is co-sponsored by the Larchmont Public Library.
To get an invite to the book discussion, click here.
Parent Perspective: The College Admissions Process – ZOOM Meeting
Jun 16 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Tackling the college admissions and application process with your children can feel daunting, stressful, and anxiety-provoking. It can even be combative! Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Hear from a panel of Westchester County parents as they discuss how they navigated the process with their children and came out the other side with each of their children committing to highly selective colleges. Topics discussed include: what they wish they knew before they started, minimizing stress, biggest obstacles/what to look out for, where to compromise, timeline and deadlines, the “sweet spot” for supporting without overstepping, supporting their children’s ultimate choice, and reaching the finish line!

Register here.


Yoga Flow Online
Jun 17 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Yoga Flow Class is a 30-minute easier session designed for those who have yoga mats and can get up and down from the floor with ease. We will be practicing Yoga Asanas (poses) in a continuous, fluid manner creating strength and balance.
Flow Yoga Sessions will be given on alternate Wednesdays beginning on May 6, 2020
Participants may register for any, or all of these dates:
May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1 all @ 11:00 am

To register for Yoga Flow click here:
Meet Luis Quiros, the author of Justice Unplugged via Zoom
Jun 18 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Justice Unplugged is written impatiently from the margins, unearthing our endless narratives – pulling the plug on justice as it has come to be defined – and reclaiming its meaning.  Embedded into every fabric of society, taking some of our own to fight against us, the Non-Others use our language, knowledge, safety and even mother nature against our survival. For these reasons, I could never be a bystander-Others had to know history of resistance and thriving spirit, and come together amid the chaos. Justice Unplugged incites action through its interdisciplinary analysis and its application of bridging street smarts to scholarship.” – Luis Quiros
Luis Quiros, is also a community organizer, activist, and educator. Quiros pursues justice aimed at dismantling that which promotes solutions that inflict pain and trauma on Others – against models that departmentalized justice when it requires hybridity and holistic frameworks. Discourse on these topics is also captured on talk radio podcasts indexed on justice unplugged.
Mr. Quiros is also the author of An Other’s Mind (2011).
To join the zoom meeting on June 18, click here.
To receive an email reminder of this event, please email lbhandari@wlsmail.org.
Yoga Flow Online
Jul 1 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Yoga Flow Class is a 30-minute easier session designed for those who have yoga mats and can get up and down from the floor with ease. We will be practicing Yoga Asanas (poses) in a continuous, fluid manner creating strength and balance.
Flow Yoga Sessions will be given on alternate Wednesdays beginning on May 6, 2020
Participants may register for any, or all of these dates:
May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1 all @ 11:00 am

To register for Yoga Flow click here:
Poems of Revolution and Progress via ZOOM
Jul 10 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Seminar: Your Legal Rights If You Contract COVID-19 at Work via ZOOM
Jul 14 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Nature Mandela Virtual Workshop – via ZOOM
Jul 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Register in advance for this meeting:

Creating a mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is thought to be a calming and centering experience–something we can all use during this pandemic.  The nature mandala class has the added benefit of spending time in nature, touching, smelling and collecting found natural objects, and then creating an artwork in a virtual, supportive community.

Instructions:  The mandalas will be created from materials found in nature.  Please collect these items responsibly and do not collect anything in nature preserves.  You may collect from your own garden and from other areas.  If you collect leaves from living plants, be careful to take only 1 leaf from each twig or branch.  Please be careful not to pick any poison ivy leaves.  (If you’re not sure what poison ivy looks like, check out various images on Google Image.)

Here are some suggestions for items to collect:  3 fresh flowers, 10 wilted flowers, 15 flower petals, 20 green leaves, 15 leaf buds, 20 pebbles, 10 sticks, 20 evergreen leaves or pine needles, etc.  On Monday, also have on hand a large, solid colored surface upon which to create your mandala, and a camera to photograph your mandala.  This will be a 45-minute workshop.

Gail Koller, ATR, CTRS is a registered art therapist and a certified nature educator.  She has been giving free nature mandala workshops as a way of giving back to the community.

The Immune System – Balancing the Microbiome – via Zoom
Jul 21 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

To sign up for this lecture, register here.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Ayurveda believes a balance of body, mind, and spirit will naturally result in a strong immune system that combats pathogens. Being out of balance results in a weakened immune system allowing illness to develop. Balancing our microbiome – the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that exist in our bodies – is critical to our health. And, nourishing not only our body, but also our mind and spirit is key to the health of our microbiome.

The topics covered will be:

 How the microbiome effects the body, mind, and spirit Why mental attitude & emotions affect the microbiome and the immune system

 Ways to keep the microbiome in balance

 How to nourish our bodies with proper diet and nutrition – seasonally

 Lifestyle habits that support a strong immune system and a healthy 
Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik is the owner and chief medical practitioner of Dr. Kaushick’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic in Cross River, NY.
With over 35 years’ experience as an Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Kaushik’s medical training is extensive. He is one of the most experienced Ayurvedic physicians in North America.