Apply For A Library Card

It’s Very Easy To Get A Mamaroneck Public Library Card! Just Follow These Simple Steps

Mamaroneck Library encourages all residents of the Village of Mamaroneck to get a library card from our library. All we need is a form of ID and  proof that you live in the Village of Mamaroneck. A driver’s license with your current address will fulfill both needs. Not certain if you live within the Village? Check our listing of Mamaroneck Street Addresses

Forms of ID: Driver’s license, non-driver ID, school ID, passport, picture ID from work, etc.

Proof of Residency: Utility bill, any delivered mail with the applicant’s name and address, a lease, car insurance ID, car registration, etc. Adults and children who do not reside in Westchester County but who work or attend school within the Village of Mamaroneck are encouraged to apply for a library card at Mamaroneck Library. They must supply ID and proof of employment within the village, or proof of attendance at a school within the village, as well as home address information. Proof of employment may be a letter from the employer listing the name and address of the employer, pay stub with employer’s name and address, etc. Proof of attendance may be a letter from the school, current report card, etc.

Children: By supplying their own adult ID and proof of address, then signing the application, parents/guardians of children under the age of 14 and not yet in 9th grade may acquire a card for the children.

Application: Please print, fill out, and bring to the library with appropriate form of ID and proof of residency as stated above.


Cards may be renewed after three years, pending verification of address, phone number, and email [if available].

Checkout Limits of Library Materials

A system limit is the total number of items or type of items which may be checked out from all the Westchester Library System (WLS) libraries on a library account. If a library patron checks out items from multiple libraries within WLS, the number of items in each category will be cumulative. Each library may set a lower limit on its own library materials. Unless otherwise noted, Mamaroneck Library’s limit is the agreed-upon system limit.
The system limit on the total number of items which may be currently checked to an account, including books and all types of media – 50

  • Books system limit of 50
  • DVDs 10 of Mamaroneck’s; system limit of 20
  • All other media, including audiobooks, playaways, MP3s, magazines, CDs system limit of 20 of each type
  • Museum pass 1 from Mamaroneck Library

Please view our Fine Policy here for overdue items.