Welcome to the Mamaroneck Library


Here’s How it Works:
  • Put a hold on books, CDs and DVDs
  • Wait to be notified that your items are ready for pick up
  • Come to the windows on Library Lane nearest the Emelin Theater and ask for your items  


All items are quarantined for 72 hours upon return for your safety


Qigong Video Library      Zoom Program Videos  

Breath- Body- Mind

Meditation Video Library           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Happy Holidays to All!
Just a wee reminder: If you don’t feel like putting away your gently used holiday decorations, please feel free to donate them to the Library.


 Do you have a Mamaroneck library card? It’s so easy to apply for one.
Tienes una tarjeta de Biblioteca de Mamaroneck? Es muy facil solicitar una
If you need a temporary card while we are closed, click here.


New Non-Fiction and Fiction       
New DVDs

 How Does Curbside Pickup Work? 

La biblioteca de Mamaroneck: Recogida en la acera  

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Looking for local community events? Look here!


Interested in Playaways? Not certain if they are right for you? Let’s take a closer look…





Health Care Navigator

The Navigator Program with Westchester County Department of Health is still up and running.  The Navigators are working with clients via telephone (they are not seeing participants on site).
If you need health insurance you can get personal assistance from one of the Westchester County Department of Health Navigators. You can apply whether you’ve lost a job that provided insurance or weren’t previously insured. Call 914-995-6350 or email hnav@westchestergov.com. To learn more visit: westchestergov.com
Senior Benefits Information Center
While SBIC sites are closed you can still receive unbiased Medicare counseling by calling our helpline at 914-231-3260 or by emailing
SBICS@wlsmail.org with your name, question, and preferred method of contact. Volunteer counselors will get back to you within two days, weekends included.

In case you are in need of a little cheer,  check out the Library’s lights each night.

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